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A continued partnership with Dr. Neetu Ahluwalia of Infinite Health Zone.
Elevating our Aesthetics, Massage and Body Programs through medical expertise.

dr. Neetu Ahluwalia

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Your path to complete wellness



Treating the whole person in an integrative way that includes the mind, body, and spirit is the approach our medical and massage team takes to treat muscle pain. Our bodies move every day, and soreness is a common side effect. There are a variety of treatment options available to our patients including the use of Ketamine Therapy® and Botox® injected directly into the muscle to alleviate pain.



Botox®, Juvederm® are used to relax facial muscles and soften folds, contour the face (such as reducing the appearance of a “double chin”) and improve the signs of facial fat loss by creating structure, framework and volume to the full face. Our Team led by Dr. A are experts in this field and you can rest assured you are in the best of hands.



We understand that weight optimization is a personalized journey. Our injectable and oral medication program (Ozempic®) is tailored to help you achieve your weight goals while promoting sustainable lifestyle changes. Clients will undergo laboratory tests to assess their suitability for the program. A comprehensive consultation with our medical team will also take place to address any queries and concerns. 

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Journey into a realm where health meets joy at Infinite Health Zone, a pioneering health and wellness clinic in San Francisco, CA, now seamlessly integrated into our exceptional spa destinations in the Bay Area. With a commitment to transforming healthcare experiences, Infinite Health Zone redefines wellness, offering pain solutions, aesthetic services, and personalized nourishment. As part of this united vision, our dedicated team merges expertise and personalized techniques, ensuring an unforgettable spa encounter.

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Dr. Neetu Ahluwalia



Meet Dr. A

specialty and expertise

“Dr. A”: A board-certified anesthesiologist & wellness physician with 15+ years of experience. Combining rigorous training with Eastern traditions, nutrition, & athletics, he crafts unique solutions for clients. Dr. A optimizes lives with safe, integrative approaches. From athletes to executives, all are embraced in his open-minded practice. His integrative focus enriches mind, body, and soul. Established in 2008, he fosters a trusting, joyful community where open feedback thrives.

Your path to complete wellness