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CovidSafe Policy

Cocoon Safety Guidelines Updates with Sarah Redmond.

Face masks are required even if fully vaccinated!

Listed below are all the safety recommendations that all our Cocoon Spa locations are committed to, in order to keep our community, employees and customers safe.

Spa Setup

  • Physical distancing measures:

    • We have created at least 6 feet of distance between guests within shared areas.

  • Workplace sanitation

    • We are enforcing hand washing guidelines and they will be posted in all washrooms ((See recommended hand washing protocols for further resources).

      • We will provide a sanitization facility near the entrance.
    • We will thoroughly sanitize all commonly used equipment between each appointment and use. This includes:

      • Massage tables.
      • Chairs.
      • Bottles and other frequently handled equipment.
    • Shared reading materials (such as magazines) in waiting areas are removed.
    • We are providing education, training and awareness to our whole team. All our team have been trained and certified in the following Covid Safety Guidelines:

      • Hand hygiene.
      • Removing and putting on PPE.
      • Use of break rooms.
      • Proper handling and cleaning of shared equipment and tools

If you would like to learn more about our policies, please reach out to us!

We look forward hearing from you.



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