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Our program offers our clients alternative, non invasive options for caring for their bodies both inside and out! Learn about the benefits of Body Wraps and Endermologie from our experts. Schedule our services or contact us with questions.


Endermologie® is a noninvasive treatment that provides a full body lymphatic drainage massage. This treatment is known to aid in reducing swelling and soreness in the muscles, and is FDA approved for the treatment reducing cellulite. It accomplishes this by combining patented vacuum technology paired with mechanical roller stimulation that massages connective tissue on the body and increases circulation. By mimicking the manual process for stimulating the lymphatic system, this machine is able to smooth and tone the skin, aid the body in healing and recovery after surgical procedures, and promote a feeling of lightness and energy by allowing the body to rid itself of cellular waste (toxins).


If you follow a fitness plan and have a sensible diet, and you’re still challenged in creating the physique you desire, then Endermology is the perfect addition to your regimen. Our skilled technicians will customize a treatment plan for you that will hone in on your primary areas of concern, whether looking to address localized adipose tissue (fat) or to smooth the appearance of cellulite. Typical results are seen in 10 treatments, performed twice a week

More and more plastic surgeons are finding that Endermologie® treatments are an effective post-surgical method of optimizing their patients’ surgical results. Plastic surgeons and physicians often recommend endermologie treatments in conjunction with liposuction surgery in order to minimize post op pain and stiffness and improve fluids mobilization. endermologie® treatments aid in speeding the resolution of edema, reducing variability of the early contours after surgery, and improving localized skin tone.* treatments are recommended 3-4 weeks post operative, performed 1-2 times a week for up to 10 sessions.

After a hard workout, relaxing with an endermologie® treatment is an absolute treat for tired, sore muscles. Aside from the obvious aesthetic benefits, the deep tissue mobilization also relieves muscle tension, increases blood circulation, eases muscle spasms and restores functional mobility for all types of sports enthusiasts. endermologie®’s specialized technology softens and reconditions connective tissue, leading to a greater range of motion, a sharp reduction in delayed muscle onset fatigue (DOMS), and fewer injuries. Because the treatments also help expel toxins trapped in the tissue, it assists in the removal of lactic acid buildup caused by strenuous exercise. Most individuals will benefit from 1-2 visits a week, or 1-2 bi-weekly.

  • 35 minutes
  • 50 minutes

1 treatment  $150  

5 treatments  $650

10 treatments  $1080


1 treatment- $200

5 treatments- $800

10 treatments-$1450

Body Wraps

Let our specialist take you on a relaxing journey using the latest technology in noninvasive light therapy. Our treatments feature heated infrared blankets and Red Light LED for deep stimulation of the lymphatic system to maximize detoxification, cellulite reduction, and reduced inflammation, just to name a few benefits! Each treatment is designed with the intention of offering relaxation as well as results. They can be experienced on their own or paired with our Endermologie treatment for advanced benefits and results!

Infrared Bodywraps

How does infrared work? When it enters the body, it breaks up fats and toxins that are trapped in water molecules, it makes us sweat to let them out and therefore an infrared session is one of the best ways you can naturally detox your body! During and after treatments you will  notice effects such as pain relief, increased circulation and blood flow, weight loss, detoxification, skin rejuvenation, relaxation, improved sleep and more, but those are just a few of the benefits!

  • infrared

This potent bodywrap combines the benefits of infrared heat with an in house blended essential oil salve to create a sauna-like atmosphere which enhances detoxification and promotes an active body temperature. This bodywrap will promote skin tightening, reduction of inflammation, smooth cellulite and activate your metabolism. Get ready to sweat out the toxins!

*This wrap is ideal for individuals who enjoy medium to high temperature

Red LED Light

Red LED lights work on the surface of the skin to assist in rejuvenating and smoothing skin tone, building collagen, reducing wrinkles and repairing sun damage. It will also assist with activating the lymphatic system, decreasing inflammation, fading scars, and even stretch marks. Red light has been known to stimulate cellular processes in the skin and positively affect them by regenerating fibroblasts, keratinocytes and skin tissue.


Our treatment uses 635 nm- wave Red Light Phototherapy Technology in a portable belt that allows you to choose your treatment focus! Each session allows for 2-3 areas of focus- think thighs, stomach, back. Because of its portable design you can rotate it throughout the session. It is an excellent way to target concerns like localized cellulite, stubborn fat on the belly, or reduce pain or inflammation. Your treatment will include 10 minutes on a vibration plate to activate your lymphatic system and promote drainage.


Body Wrap of your choice $160 for 60 min

20 min add on LED Wrap to Endermologie treatment $75 


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