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Our highly trained massage team combines a variety of massage techniques to create a well-being massage to suit each individual. The initial consultation will direct the therapist in what techniques to use and which areas require the most attention. Your preference may be total relaxation, deep tissue work or a combination of both. Our own unique and personalized medicinal herbal oil blends give an added therapeutic dimension to your massage. Come experience the best massage in San Francisco.

A full body, smooth flowing style of massage that promotes deep relaxation, improves circulation, range of movement, and relieves muscular tension. Uplifting and mind clearing the benefits of this treatment are appropriate for all.

A full body, smooth flowing style of massage that incorporates deep tissue work where your body needs it. A combination of our Essential Relaxation Massage and our Therapeutic Deep Tissue massage. When you want to relieve tension in the body and relax the mind.

A full body or specifically focused sophisticated massage using a variety of methods. Includes trigger point therapy and myofascial techniques to release deep-seated muscular tension and fascial restrictions that cause stress in the body. Ideal for guests experienced in massage.

Share the sweet experience and embrace relaxation side by side in our candlelit couples massage room. Our massage therapist’s will help you and your partner ease your minds and leave any stresses or worries behind as you are able to enter into complete togetherness.

A nurturing full body massage designed to alleviate the aches and pains that often accompany pregnancy. Deep tissue, passive movement and neuromuscular techniques are used to to bring comfort, pain relief and relaxation to the mother-to-be.

Our Aromassage ritual focuses on balancing energies in the body using a blend of Aromatherapy heated balms and oils. Your therapist will tailor the massage specifically to meet your individual needs whether you are seeking pure relaxation or deep tissue work. Effleurage, acupressure, kneading and gliding movements follow each other in succession to release tension and deliver the aromatherapy benefits of Essential Oils.

Hot stone massage uses smooth, heat retaining stones combined with Swedish and Deep Tissue massage techniques. The relaxing warmth of the stones allows the therapist to work deeper into the muscles, melting away tension and releasing knots in a comfortable and effective way. This massage is ideal for all guests, especially those who are sensitive to the cold.

Myofascial Release Therapy

Myofascial Release is a gentle, methodical and therapeutic approach that addresses restrictions in muscles (myo) and the web of connective tissue known as fascia, which winds through and wraps every part of the body. Long, sustained holds at the barrier of tension ensure pressure is never too much, nor too little. Unwinding the lines of tension created by restrictions in the fascial system has global effects on the body with the potential to eliminate chronic pain and headaches; treat and prevent sports injuries; improve mobility, breathing, circulation, digestion, and innervation; and facilitate better posture and patterns of movement.

Lymphatic Massage

Lymph drainage massage has become a popular form of massage due to its potential health benefits. This specialized approach focuses on the lymphatic system, which is part of the immune system. This type of massage aims to help the body maintain proper blood circulation, body fluid balance, and immune functions. 

EOS Lymphatic Massage™ is a Quintuple Detox™ lymphatic method designed by Michelle Bravo specifically for pre & post-op cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures, bariatric/weight-loss surgery, dental surgery, orthopedic surgery, oncology and other medical procedures. Those with fertility challenges, auto-immune issues, Lyme’s disease & other health concerns may also benefit greatly from EOS Lymphatic Massage™ sessions. The cleansing, regenerative benefits of EOS Lymphatic Massage™ help your whole Body heal faster.

EOS Lymphatic Massage™ Aromatherapy provides in-depth assessment of clients’ needs & goals to develop programs involving associative learning and/or higher-order conditioning. An example of goals I’ve worked on with my clients is reaching a state of calm more quickly and mindfulness training for being more present with yourself and others. Other effective examples of my aromatherapeutic training would be programming involving the awareness of smells you inhale throughout your day, being present with the smells of food and drinks you consume, noticing the smells of nature when you’re outside and even the practice of recognizing other humans by their specific scent. Michelle offers personalized consultations for individuals, couples and businesses.

Body Treatments

Techniques that pair the power of hands with that of aromatic mixtures created to cocoon the skin with benefits. Perfectly relaxed by the olfactory power of essential oils and the wonderful attentive details that fill the ritual, your body is transformed.

Our ritual treatment has been created to balance the body, mind and spirit by blending several ancient healing treatments into one. Your experience will begin with a dry brush body treatment, which helps to stimulate the lymphatic flow as well as tone the skin. Your tailored massage using warm aromatic oils will nourish and deeply relax the body. You will then be enveloped in a warm cocoon while you are treated to both the soft hands and feet treatment as well as the shirobhyanga head massage to completely restore you.

A calming yet energizing scalp massage focusing on vital energy points combined with individually chosen aromatherapy oils. This treatment helps to reduce tension, relieve headaches and calm the emotions of the mind.

Padabhyanga is a traditional Ayurvedic therapy, involving the technique of the applying warm herb-infused oil over the feet, followed by a gentle massage. It is said to be part of the daily Ayurvedic regimen, called Dinacharya, for maintaining good health.

This potent bodywrap combines the benefits of infrared heat with a detoxifying oil that helps to create a sauna-like atmosphere. The heat this treatment produces will promote sweating and elimination of toxins, which will create skin tightening, reduction of inflammation, smooth cellulite and activate your metabolism. Get Ready to sweat out the toxins!

Red-Light Therapy delivers light to the tissues and cells of the body in a similar way to how plants absorb light energy from the sun. These deeply penetrating light rays energize cells and stimulate the body’s natural process to build new proteins and regenerate tissue, offer relief from pain and inflammation, increase blood circulation, improve healing time, and break down fat cells, just to name a few benefits! 

Cocoon Wellness

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Our CBD Salve localized add on is the ideal choice for those who want to experience the benefits of CBD through topical application.

Our CBD Salve is effective as soon as the product is absorbed into the skin. Unlike oils, which have to be metabolized inside the body, salves can be applied locally for pinpointed accuracy.

We believe in treating the whole body, so we offer specially blended therapeutic-grade essential oils. Adding aromatherapy to your treatment can help achieve a deeper sense of harmony for the body, mind and spirit.

Can be added to 60 and 90 minute massage for localized treatment during service.

30 min add-on ( Noe Valley only )

20 min add-on ( Noe Valley and Soma only )