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Endermologie & Pure Sculpt: The potent powerful pair  

Endermology is an international favorite for a reason. Popular all across Europe and South America, this full body lymphatic treatment is known by its loyal followers for promoting a myriad of unique benefits: deep circulation which dislodges stubborn water retention and toxins that build up in the body, which in turn will reduce cellulite (this feature has its seal of approval from our FDA here in the US), stimulates collagen which means tighter, more youthful looking skin, as well as improving the appearance of scars and swelling post-surgery. Because we treat the whole body, you’ll feel the same energized and relaxing benefits as you would from a traditional massage. I’ve been performing Endermology on clients for 14 years and see many repeat clients for nearly as long as that! It’s one of my favorite services I offer as it is often the element that is missing from one’s regimen where mindful nutrition and movement are already in place, whether the goal is to address the tone and texture of your skin or assist in maintaining or improving your overall wellness. 

The addition of Pure Sculpt to our menu of body treatments has been such an exciting enhancement! This unique cold therapy experience is unlike any I’ve tried in my years of specializing as a Body Sculpting Expert. Unlike invasive cosmetic procedures that require downtime and a hefty price tag, Pure Sculpt brings 2 unique features that deliver a dramatic result: a frozen detoxifying mask that starts solid and melts with your body heat, delivering nutritive minerals, hydrating properties and firming benefits. It is then paired with a lymphatic massage which will sculpt your physique. Cold therapy induces thermogenesis, which, translated in layman’s terms, means your body is burning stored fat to up regulate your body temperature, and that means a rapid result that most people see within the first few sessions. It also delivers a potent detoxification, a reduction of inflammation as well as an increase of energy afterward! I’ve personally paired these 2 treatments for many clients as well as myself, and can attest to it being a popular combination for a reason: while they work so well independently, when paired together, they deliver safe results, a sense of wellness, and a boost in mood and energy- all things we need of after the long cold winter the Bay Area has had!